Family law regulates the legal relationships of people who are connected to each other by marriage, civil unions, family and relations, or where there is a custodianship, trusteeship or legal guardianship in place. Family Court is also where cases are heard when juveniles are charged with criminal offenses.  Especially with the complicated circumstances of this area, it is highly recommended to seek the advice of an attorney. Are you having legal issues regarding marriage, adoption, divorce or seeking custody of your children? This office can help you navigate the complex and emotionally charged issues associated with family court.

Services in this area

  • Representation at hearings where Restraints may be issued (TRO/FRO)
  • Accusations of Domestic Violence
  • Contempt Proceedings
  • Custody
  • Modification of Child/Spousal Support
  • We also provide respresenation in Juvenile Court where minors (under 18 years) are charged with a crime.

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