New Jersey has some of the harshest drinking and driving penalties in the country.  Convictions for DWI/DUI and other serious traffic offenses can result in loss of license, jail time, installation of an interlock device and thousands of dollars in fines, fees, surcharges, as well as increased insurance costs.  You can visit the Motor Vehicles Website for a summary of the associated penalties.

DWI Defense in New Jersey has developed into a complex, highly technical field that combines aspects of criminal defense with aspects of science and procedure unique to the area of DWI/DUI.

People often misunderstand that you do not need to be impaired or "intoxicated" to be convicted of DWI.  It is a violation of the law to operate a vehicle with a blood alcohol content of .08 or above,regardless of the level of impairment.  To successfully defend DWI charges, you must first challenge the results of any blood alcohol test, usually the Alcotest which calculates BAC from breath samples.  Only when the blood alcohol results are suppressed or undermined, does the focus shift to actual impairment. 

The Law Office of Joseph S. Scura has successfully defended a number of DWI cases where the odds seemed to be stacked against the accused.

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